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Ready to Ship! SelkiBelt Heat-Pad, Everyday Freedom Collection in Mixed Cottons

Ready to Ship! SelkiBelt Heat-Pad, Everyday Freedom Collection in Mixed Cottons

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What do we fill our heat pads with?

Our heat pads are filled with linseed as standard. We offer options to substitute this will wheat or add dried herbs or flowers to create a gorgeous scent.


Can I use a heat pad if I have a skin condition or am pregnant?

We advise you seek advice from a medical professional who has specific knowledge of you and your health conditions before using any of our products. 


How do I avoid burning my heat pad?

We recommend heat that heat pads are heated with a small cup of water present in the microwave. You should place your heat pad on a clean microwaveable dish or plate, because traces of food on your heat pad can cause it to singe or burn. This will also avoid the seeds drying out. It is also essential that the heat pads are not over heated as this can cause the fabric to burn. Full heating guidelines and care instructions are provided with our products.


How often can I reheat my heat pad?

They can be reheated thousands of times. The heat pad must cool completely before use and use of a small cup of water in the microwave when reheating will extend the life of your product. If you heat the product when still warm then the heating time will decrease depending on the warmth of the pad when placed in the microwave.


Can I heat my heat pad in a gas or electric oven?

No. All heat-pads just be heated in a domestic microwave. The heat pad can be placed on the top of a radiator to warm through but must be supervised at all times.


How do I clean my heat pad?

Use a lightly damp cloth to gently remove any marks on the surface of your pad. Do NOT immerse your product in water or machine wash as this will reduce the quality of the seeds and can be dangerous when heating. Some of our heat pads offer removable and washable covers. 


All our products are made to order based on your specifications in our little studio in central Scotland. The love and attention that goes into every one means our dispatch time is currently 1-2 weeks. All orders are dispatched royal mail second class.
Currently we ship within the UK only. 
We hope you are happy with your purchase. However, we understand that there are times when things might need to be returned to us.
You have 30 days from the date of delivery to return your item for an exchange our refund (*Please note exclusions apply)
Please contact to us to organise your return here.
*Please note:
Our products are only returnable (unless faulty) if the tags have not been removed. Any marks or damage to the product will disqualify the item for refund, and may still be returned to the customer once shipping cost is paid by buyer. 
Masks may only be returned (unless faulty) if the hygiene seal has not been broken. 
All refunds are subject to a 14 day processing period once the package reaches us.
Up to six months after purchase a full refund will be offered, after this time up to one year, we will offer an exchange or store credit for your purchase. 
** Accidental damage, not following instructions of use and any product which has been customised does not qualify. 
Can I return a sale item?
Yes, all sale items can be returned for a refund or exchange within the terms of our 30 day returns policy. 
Will shipping be refunded?
If standard shipping was paid for the item then this will be paid in full. If postage was upgraded then the standard shipping costs for the item purchased will be refunded only. 
What if my exchange request is out of stock?
We will offer an alternative or refund.

Return policy

We hope you are happy with your purchase. However, we understand that there are times when things might need to be returned to us.

You have 30 days from the date of delivery to return your item for an exchange our refund (*Please note exclusions apply)

Please contact to us to organise your return or view our full returns policy here. (Don't worry if industrial action slows down your return! Just reach out to us with proof of postage)

How to recycle me?

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Free Gift Wrap and Valentines Card

We love valentines day at Selki Store. If you are buying a heat-pack for your bae or your galentine just leave your note at checkout. We will handwrite your card and make sure your parcel looks adorable.

Sick of finding makeshift ways to wear a heat pad?

Its long ties mean that you can strap your SelkiBelt wherever it is needed on your body and get on with your day without the concern of constantly holding it, or having it fall off. 

SelkiBelts can be swung over shoulders, cocoon knees, hug the small of your back or lie across your stomach. Pop one under a floaty dress or oversized sweatshirt and no-one will even know it's there.

Your heat pad should fit you, not the other way round!

SelkiBelts are sectioned into baffles that fit and mould to your body applying soothing warmth exactly where it is needed. 

All our products are completely size inclusive. Don't see your size? Simply purchase a custom length and reach out to us with your size and we will make sure it is the perfect fit.

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Why we believe SelkiBelts a great alternative to hot water bottles? 

Hands Free - Every SelkiBelt has sturdy straps that wrap around the body up to 2 times! This means the Selkibelt can fit as close to your body or be as tight as you would like, leaving you free to carry on with your day! Hot water bottles are too bulky for this, and ones with straps will fall down or not have a close fit. 

Fit - At Selki we believe your heat pad should fit you, not the other way round! Hot water bottles are usually stiff and we end up manoeuvring ourselves around them to fit rather than the other way round. SelkiBelts are sectioned into baffles that fit where they are needed. 

Moist Heat - It has been shown that moist heat penetrates the body deeper than dry heat. Our SelkiBelts have a moist heat, whereas hot water-bottles give a dry heat. This means that the heat our SelkiBelts give to you is more effective at reaching deep muscles - causing better all round relaxation.

Weight - Hot water bottles are heavy, they are filled with water and work best when you're stationary, sitting or lying down. It can be a struggle to hold on to a hot water bottle while doing everyday tasks! SelkiBelts are filled with linseed (which is far lighter than water) meaning you can carry on with your day without feeling weighed down. 

Environmental Impact - Hot water bottles are most commonly made of rubber which degrates quickly, can rupture, and persist in a landfill for thousands of years. SelkiBelts are made from 100% biodegradable materials and can literally be thrown in the compost pile (after years of use and love, of course!) 

Why is our linen so great?

Traditional linen is a little rough feeling - this is not the case with our linen. Our linen is enzyme washed, which is not only a much more environmentally friendly method of preparing linen, but also leaves a much softer final product than traditional methods such as stone washing.

This means our linen is great if you have sensitive skin. Because of the softness of our linen, mixed with its superior breathability we would suggest our Selki Skins SelkiBelt for customers with more sensitive skin. 

Our linen is made from 100% flax (just like our filling!) which also means that every pack is biodegradable!

User Instructions

Each heat pad is supplied with comprehensive user and safety instructions. Please read and keep for future reference.

You can download directions for use here.

Don't see what you are looking for?

Contact us here for custom orders.