Who makes our heat pads?

Co-founders and sisters Hannah & Triana lovingly sew all the heat pads at Selki Store.

We started sewing heat pads to help Hannah manage her endometriosis and Triana cope with menstrual pain due to PCOS. We have worked with our customers to slowly expanded our range, creating other heat pads designed to help people move and live with pain. 

Where are our heat pads made?

All our heat pads are made in our little studio in Scotland. They are made on our trusty industrial sewing machine and designed in-house by cofounders Triana & Hannah!

What do we fill our heat pads with?

After months of testing different fillings and research we decided to fill all our heat pads with linseed. 

Linseed has a lovely sand-like feel in our heat pads allowing them to mould nicely to the body and feel comfortable to lean on. The filling has a gentle, nutty scent and a high fat content which keeps it warm for longer than some other traditional fillings.

We offer options to substitute this with wheat or add dried herbs or flowers for to create a gorgeous scent!

Our heat pads have no electrical element or self heating core. To warm them up we recommend using a microwave. Full heating instructions are provided with every purchase or can be downloaded on product listings.

How do I clean my heat pad?

Use a lightly damp cloth to gently remove any marks on the surface of your pad. 

Do NOT immerse your product in water or machine wash as this will reduce the quality of the seeds and can be dangerous when heating. 

Some of our heat pads offer removable and washable covers. 

How do I avoid burning my heat pad?

We recommend that the pads are heated with a small cup of water present in the microwave. This will help hydrate the linseed in the pad and prevent over heating.

It is also essential that the heat pads are not over heated as this can cause the fabric to burn. Full heating guidelines and care instructions are provided with our products. If the heat pad is overheated and the fabric is visibly burnt then we do not recommend further use of the pad. 

The best way to prevent burning is to keep an eye on your heat pad whilst heating. As well as removing and shaking it several times in the heating process to redistribute the hot seeds within the pad.

Can I heat my heat pad in a gas or electric oven?

We recommend all heat pads are warmed in a domestic microwave, following the supplied heating instructions.

The heat pad can be placed on the top of a radiator to warm through but must be supervised at all times.

How often can I reheat my heat pad?

They can be reheated thousands of times!

We recommend only heating once the heat pad is completely cool. If you heat the product when still warm, then the heating time will decrease depending on the warmth of the pack when placed in the microwave. The risk of burning your pack also increases.

The use of a small cup of water in the microwave when reheating will extend the life of your product. 

Can I use a heat pad if I have a skin condition or am pregnant?

We advise you seek advice from a medical professional who has specific knowledge of you and your health conditions before using any of our products. 

What can I do with my heat pad at the end of its life?

When your faithful heat pad finally wears out it can be recycled. We like to cut ours up and place them in the compost heap so that the seeds return to the ground ready to release their nutrients and help new plants grow. 

What is the difference between the Everyday Freedom and Selki Skins range?

Our Everyday Freedom products make up our new collection designed to be a little more budget-friendly while still having all the benefits of our Selki Skins collection. 

The Everyday Freedom collection is made from pretty cotton prints with streamlined designs.

The Selki Skins range is made from gorgeous, luxurious, bio-washed linen. The skins range is made to our our original much-loved range of designs.

For more information please have a look at out product pages.


Do you ship internationally?

Currently we ship within the UK but we are hoping to expand our international shipping in 2023.

How long does shipping take?

Please see our Shipping Policy for further information.

Do you offer gift wrap or gift notes?

We offer gift wrap and gift notes on all of our products. Your gift with be carefully hand wrapped and mailed with your gift note.

Gift wrap can be purchased at checkout.

Cancellations and Returns.

Can I cancel my order?

As long as we haven't processed your order, it is no problem to cancel it. Please email us here to process your cancellation.

Can I return an item? 

We do accept refunds. Please see our Refund Policy for further information.